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About the Name Daylin Skye

Love is in the details. Literally for me. Most of what I make is inspired by someone I love. 

Because LOVE is what motivates me. 

Recently, while sitting on the floor of my living room planning out how to cut into a gorgeous leather hide, I found myself thinking about my handsome Dad and how he continues to be in what I do. That day I was using one of his tools to get a precise cut on the leather. 

And on the spur of the moment I went on Facebook Live and told the story of how the name, Daylin Skye, came to be. 

I had a cold, no makeup on, and I'm pretty sure my hair hadn't seen a brush recently. I'm sitting there in a tank top and sweats while my pups roam around the room and occasionally photobomb me. 

Minus the cold and that I do normally look like I brushed my hair, this is just the everyday me talking about the most handsome, loving, generous Daddy the world has ever known. 

Here is the video... (the sound is the the bottom right-hand corner)